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These and many other questions on risk assessment, coaching, planning, grant management. Project Performance contract management, Projects are temporary in nature, designed to deliver unique goals objectives, and requires discipline at both the individual at organizational levels. ACEDI provides both temporary and intermediate project management resources to meet the needs for any contract length. With a strong project management experience ACEDI can guarantee project success through: 

 RFP Preparations and solicitations of proposals

 Project Proposal appraisal and Evaluation 

 Contract Negotiation 

 Project Planning, Execution, Control and Close Out 

 Leadership and planning necessary for successful project completion and closure

 Coaching of project managers and their teams

 Risk Management 

 Planning and execution of an organizational change program

 Outsourcing Project Management and performance contracts

        Impact documentation 

Recent clients in project management

Joint Effort to save the Environment- Value chain development and Biodiversity

 Young Women Christian Association – Sexual and Reproductive health Rights

 Kalangala District Education Forum – Education rights

 Bugala Island Development Association- HIV/AIDS

 Pamoja Africa Reflect Network- Literacy and education rights

 Mabalala Senior secondary school- Mukono

 Royal institute of Business and technical education- BWAISE

 Uganda National Teachers Union

 Uganda women’s efforts to save orphans

 Young women’s Christian Association